E Governance
  • In this Corporation data relating to property tax, water charges and non-tax items have been computerized
  • Property tax, Water Charges and Non-Tax items are collected through Computerised Service Centers / Certain banks.
  • Computerised Service Centres are functioning on all working days from 10.00 A.M. to 5.P.M. so as to enable the public to remit the tax directly in the Corporation.
  • Public can ascertain the details of Property tax dues etc., from the Computerised Service Centers during the working hours.
  • Birth & Death certificates are issued through computer service centers

  • Public can get general information of the Corporation
  • Public can have the details of all activities of Corporation through the WEBSITE
   Details of various applications / forms issued at Information Centre
Sl.No. Details Application fee
1. Application for Water Supply House service connection Rs.110/-
2. Application for Underground Drainage Connection No such scheme at present
3. Application for approval of Building Plan Rs.100/-
4. Application for trade licences Nil
Application for licence under prevention of Food Adulteration Act Nil
5. Application for Birth Certificate Rs. 5/-
Application for Death Certificate Rs. 5/-
Name entry certificate Rs. 10/-
6. Property tax self assessment return – name transfer application Rs. 25/-
7. Application for assessment of Property tax
8. Property Tax appeal form
9. Other forms
Survey Plan Extract Rs. 100/-
Building Plant application Rs. 100/-
Marriage Hall application Rs. 25/-
Building Plan Renewal Rs. 25/-
Land sub division Rs. 100/-
Installation application Rs. 100/-

  Other Institutions and Service

Sl.No. Type of Institution Nature of service
1. Library / Reading Room News papers, Magazines Books – Free service
2. Sevai Maiyam Located in Main Office
3. ---- ---